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Call to arms

2009-08-28 08:35:44 by Aquilas

Bungie released some more footage this week of ODST's firefight mode and being a big Halo fan it's sparked my imagination and got me psyched. As such I've decided to start a project that is going to require more people than just myself and Enzero. So this is a call to any and all who are willing. This is a draft.

First off I might as well explain a few things first. The recent footage for ODST has inspired me to do an animation based on the game. This will not necessarily include the same characters from the upcoming game but will be based on similiar events. The intention is to make an animation and put it out at about the same time that the game is released, so that means the deadline is the end of September 2009. The animation will be set in the Halo universe, so they'll be no inaccuracies (eg. a group of Spartans wearing Hayabusa armour will not show up and blow everything to hell).

Basically I need a team of people to help with the animation. I'll need an animator/artist to help with either animation and Backgrounds as well as a few voiceactors. The script is still being written at the moment but details will be provided soon.

I'll be on the lookout for anyone that is interested, so you can contact me here or on Deviant art.

The Call has gone out, will you answer?
The UNSC Needs you!

P.S. "Keep it Clean"

Call to arms

Orion Spartans

2008-03-18 12:20:46 by Aquilas

Hey there everybody.

This is my first news post on NG, so don't hurt me too much okay? By now OS parts I and II should be out and people all over will have watched what is the first and hopefully not the last project of collaberation between myself and Enzer0.

Thank you to all those who have watched them and enjoyed them and also thanks must go to the people who've given their criticisms about the animations (the constructive ones at least), while they don't matter much to Enzer0, to me they are valuable as they allow me to take into consideration, issues I didn't think were of much consequence during production. Thanks must also go to Enzer0 and his brother Graphix as well as the other spartans for there parts in making these animation happen. In regards to Orions Spartans, at the moment there isn't any plans to make a sequel but I'm working on some stuff at the moment so you never know what might happen.

If there is a sequel then we'll definetly try to fix fix any problems there were in the last two (storyline seems to be the main complaint so we'll definetly try to improve on that).
Anyway its been a blast and hopefully you'll see more from me soon. For now here's a little picture to amuse you (hopefully).


Orion Spartans